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Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club

Covid-19 Safety Plan


Please note: this document is subject to change following provincial and federal health and safety requirements.


Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club’s COVID-19 Club Representative: Dana Lainchbury,

This Club COVID-19 Safety Plan has been approved by the Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club Board of Directors on November 19th, 2020.




   The following five principles from BC’s Restart Plan have been used to guide this document:


Personal Hygiene


Stay Home if Sick



Environmental Hygiene


 Safe Social Interactions

 Physical Modifications

•      Frequent hand-washing

•      Cough into your sleeve

•      Wear a non-medical mask at all times unless participating in gymnastics. (coaches/parent & tot participants during class as well)

•      No handshaking

•      Routine daily screening

•      Anyone with any symptoms must stay away from others

•      Returning travelers must self-isolate

•      More frequent cleaning

•      Enhance surface sanitation in high-touch areas

•      Touch-less technology


•      Meet with small numbers of people

•      Maintain distance between you and others

•      Size of room: the bigger the better

•      Outdoor over indoor


•      Spacing within rooms or in transit

•      Room design

•      Plexiglass barriers

•      Movement of people within spaces





  Steps to Return to the Gym



Step 1: Starting Activities (to begin when clubs are prepared to safely open)

 Low-risk activities can occur with the following requirements:


*  Ability to maintain physical distancing. 

*  Adherence to occupancy limit.

*  Minimal sharing of equipment.

*  Heightened cleaning protocols.

*  The focus is on the development of physical abilities and basics. Spotting is prohibited.

*  Training groups for Step 1 are described in Appendix 1.

*  Small class size ratios of 6:1 and reduced training time of 1-2 hour sessions will be scheduled.

*  A program summary for Step 1 is included in Appendix 1.



Step 2: Expanding Activities (to begin when clubs are able to safely progress beyond Step 1) 

 A gradual decrease of restrictions can occur with the following public health recommendations in place:


*  Ability to maintain physical distancing.

*  Adherence to occupancy limit. 

*  Minimal sharing of equipment.

*  Heightened cleaning protocols.

*  The focus is on the development of physical abilities and basics. Spotting is prohibited.

*  Training groups for Step 2 are described in Appendix 1.

*  Larger class size 8:1 and increased training times of 2-3 hour sessions will be scheduled.

*  A program summary for Step 2 is included in Appendix 1.


Step 3: Progressively Loosen


* Ability to maintain physical distancing (see Physical Distancing section on pages 10-11 that addresses cohorts and spotting requirements).

* Adherence to occupancy limit.

* Minimal sharing of equipment.

* Heightened cleaning protocols.

* Focus on expanding programming to include regular training and competition preparation.

* Expand classes to younger, less experienced participants.

* Increase ratio (see Section 3.4 of GBC’s Coaching Education Operations Manual) and training time for each group.

* In-club and regional competitions can occur, if viaSport/GBC requirements are followed (more information will be provided to GBC member clubs as our competition season approaches).

Step 4: The "New Normal"

To be determined at a later date, according to the Government of BC regulations.


Facility Access

To access Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club, please complete the following steps:

·     Drop off is available at the James Street entrance. Check-in station on the James Street entrance of the Cowichan Community Centre

·     Please line up outside the front door of the facility, maintaining a physical distance of 2 meters between yourself and others by standing on the marked spaces

·     All participants will exit the building at the James Street entrance and must not congregate in groups when they get picked up. To facilitate this, we have placed TAPE/MARKINGS outside the exit doors

·     Parents/guardians will be instructed to drop off and pick up their children on time without coming into the gym, if possible.

·     Parents/guardians will be instructed to tell their children to follow instructions of all Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club staff when entering and exiting the facility.

·     Prior to entering the facility, all individuals must fill out the Daily Screening Checklist displayed by DDGC. This can be done online with the link provided to membership, or with the hard copies provided by DDGC.

·     Visitors (parents/guardians, maintenance, volunteers, etc.) must sign-in for contact tracing (folder provided by DDGC).

·     All individuals must wear masks to enter the building. Masks may be removed to partake in gymnastics only (athletes only). Staff may remove masks to eat/drink, and when able to maintain a minimum of 6 feet between others (such as being at a personal work station).

·     When classes are completed, all individuals must leave promptly. Parents will be reminded to pick up their children on time.

·     Parents will ensure that their children arrive dressed appropriately for class. We have closed our locker rooms until further notice.

·     Members will be asked to register and pay for all programming through our website, which can be found here: If the website is not accessible for members, they can call our office at 250-746-3343 or email

·     Prior to participating in any programming, all participants, parents/guardians, and club personnel must complete required GBC forms.

Facility Operations

·     Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club maximum occupancy (during Steps 1 and 2) is: 49.

·        Maximum Occupancy for the gym and extending areas is: 45 (including those listed below)

·        Maximum Occupancy for the Office is: 4

·        Maximum Occupancy of the washroom is: 1

·        Maximum Occupancy of the 'Party Room' is: 6

·        Maximum Occupancy of the 'Staff Room' is: 2

·        The change room, lockers, and lunchroom will be closed.

·        Signs indicating these occupancy limits are posted clearly in each space.

·     We have marked pathways inside the gym using arrows, cones, tape and Velcro.

·     Shared items (e.g., iPads) that can be disinfected between users are permitted. Avoid bringing unnecessary shared items to the gym.

·     Unusable areas of the gym have closed areas of the gym until further notice.

·     Participants will be required to have their own chalk in a container/bag large enough to fit their hands.

·     The lobby and viewing area are closed to non-athletes at this time.

·     The foam pit has been reconfigured with a covering and mats so the space can be used as a landing zone from the TumblTrak, bars, vault, and beam.



Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club Cleaning and Sanitation Protocols:

·     Our cleaning products have been approved by Health Canada to disinfect for Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

·     We have implemented a cleaning log that is kept in a labeled binder on the tall red shelf next to the printer in the office. A template of our log is available on the main computer inside the office.

·     We will clean the entrance, exit, gym lobby, and other high touch-point areas (g. washroom counters, doorknobs, handrails, guest seating, kitchen/break areas, etc.) frequently a minimum of 2x per day. Washrooms will be disinfected a minimum of 2x per day.

·     Gymnastics equipment will be disinfected between each user. If not possible, equipment will be disinfected after each class and/or rotation during until further notice.

·     Equipment that cannot be cleaned (cloth-like surfaces, foam pits, etc.) will not be used until an appropriate cleaning process has been identified.

·     Communal gym tools such as iPads and clipboards will be cleaned or sanitized between each user.

·     Once classes are over for the day and all athletes have left, all surfaces that were contacted will be sanitized (mats, floors, counters, washrooms, light switches, etc.). This will be completed in addition to cleaning processes during daily operations.


Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club will inform members of the new protocols (See Appendix 3) before their first visit to the gym, to foster confidence in the staff’s commitment to keep everyone safe. This will include information on club:

-        Screening protocols

-        Illness Policy (Appendix 2)

-        Personal hygiene requirements

-        Physical distancing requirements outside and inside the facility

-        Cleaning protocols

-        Programming changes (e.g. limitations on number of people permitted inside of the facility at once, policies regarding spotting, etc.)

·     Any parent concerns, questions, and communication will be addressed via email or telephone to Dana Lainchbury – 250-746-3343 or

·     Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club will post various resources and posters provided by the BC Centre for Disease Control (CDC), WorkSafeBC and GBC on our website, facility entrance, and in prominent places throughout the gym.

·     We have appointed Dana Lainchbury – 250-746-3343 or as a single point of contact to address all COVID-19-related communications, compliance, and coordination in the gym.


PLEASE NOTE: Insurance claims related to the transmission of COVID-19 will not be covered by GBC’s insurance policies. Prior to participating in any programming, all participants, parents/guardians, and club personnel must complete required GBC forms.

Staff Training

·     Formal and ongoing staff training at Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club will be provided to staff to address the COVID-19 Safety Plan and programming modifications.

·     Staff have created documents on our website to show participants what to expect at the gym.

·     Staff should contact their supervisor if have questions or concerns as they return to their roles.


·     Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club requires that prior to entering the facility, all individuals must complete the Daily Screening Checklist online or with a paper copy.

·    Individuals must stay home if they are unwell or if someone in their household is sick, even if the symptoms are mild. They must also stay home if they have knowingly been exposed to someone who is sick (Refer to Illness Policy – Appendix 2).

·    Individuals must not enter the facility or participate in any activity if they have, or someone from their household has, travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.

Personal Hygiene

·    Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club will provide hand-washing in the washroom, and sanitizing stations at the lobby entrance, gym entrance, and at a central location in the gym.

·    Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club has determined that a coach will be present at the entrance to administer sanitizer to ensure the athlete's hands are sanitized before they enter the gym.

·    Hand-washing or sanitizing will be required at a minimum upon entering the facility, after using the washroom, between apparatus changes and prior to exiting the gym.

·    All participants should arrive dressed for their class and only bring what they need in a marked bag (e.g. chalk, grips, full water bottle, hand sanitizer, yoga mat, socks, gloves, tape, etc.).

·    Sharing of personal items including (but not limited to) food and beverages (e.g. water bottles) is forbidden.

·    Use of masks is: Must be worn at all times by all individuals when inside the building unless participating in gymnastics activities (athletes only). Staff may remove masks to eat/drink, and if they are able to maintain 6 feet between all others (such as being at a personal work station).

Physical Distancing

·     Everyone who enters Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club must maintain, at minimum, physical distancing of 2 meters, at all times.

·     Coaching for all programs must be performed hands-free (no spotting). Spotting will only be done if a participant’s safety is at risk.

Scheduling of Activities

  • Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club will adhere to the Rule of Two at all times. This means that no one-on-one training (without another coach present) will take place.
  • In order to meet provincial health officer requirements, groups sizes and scheduling are being adjusted.
  • Drop-in classes are cancelled until further notice.
  • Detailed attendance and membership tracking will be taken and kept on file.

Injury Protocol


·     If an injury occurs and physical distancing measures must be broken, all persons attending to the injured individual will put on a mask and gloves.

·     Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club will have personal protective equipment (PPE) on hand (gloves, masks), stored separately from first-aid kits in case of emergency.

·     Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club will maintain a well-stocked first aid kit in case of emergency.

Illness Policy

·     Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club Illness Policy is provided in Appendix 2.


Outbreak Response

Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club is committed to the following process in the event of a COVID-19 Outbreak:

Early detection of symptoms will facilitate the immediate implementation of effective control measures. In addition, the early detection and immediate implementation of enhanced cleaning measures are two of the most important factors in limiting the size and length of an outbreak. An “outbreak” is two or more cases; a “case” is a single case of COVID-19.


1.         If a case or outbreak is reported, Sarah Phillips – 250-210-1180 will be the main point of contact for all parties. DDGC Board of Directors has the authority to modify, restrict, postpone or cancel any or all club activities.

2.         If staff (including volunteers) or a participant reports they are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 and have been at the workplace/activity place, Dana Lainchbury – 250-746-3343 will implement enhanced cleaning measures to reduce risk of transmission. DDGC Board of Directors may communicate with the facility operator to notify the facility right away.

3.         Dana Lainchbury will implement the illness policy (see Appendix 2) and advise individuals to:

a.         self-isolate

b.         monitor their symptoms daily, report respiratory illness and not to return to activity for at least 10 days following the onset of fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue and loss of appetite.

c.          use the COVID-19 self-assessment tool at BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to help determine if further assessment or testing for COVID-19 is needed.

                                                                               i.        Individuals can contact 8-1-1 if further health advice is required and 9-1-1 if it is an emergency.

                                                                             ii.        Individuals can learn more about how to manage their illness


4.         In the event of a suspected case or outbreak of influenza-like-illness, Sarah Phillips will immediately report and discuss the suspected outbreak with the Medical Health Officer (or delegate) at your local health authority. Implement your Illness Policy and your enhanced measures.


If Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club is contacted by a medical health officer in the course of contact tracing, all individuals associated with the club must cooperate with local health authorities.



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