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Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club

Rules, Terms & Conditions



About DDGC

Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club (DDGC) is a not-for-profit Gymnastics Club that follows the Fun, Fitness, and Fundamentals Philosophy aligned with the National Coaching Certification Program of Canada. 

Our philosophy is to value the needs of each individual and to provide a learning environment that is safe, nurturing and fosters self-esteem for every child. We believe that with consistent guidance, care and respect, children will flourish and grow. Our learning plans are guided by these philosophies and we pledge to uphold them always.

DDGC is one of many member clubs with Gymnastics BC. We align with the commitment to Safe Sport in "creating a sport environment that is accessible, inclusive, respects their participants personal goals and is free from all forms of Maltreatment." (GymBC 2004)

All DDGC Coaches are Gymnastics Foundations or higher and have undergone strict screening. We provide training and resources for coaches and aspiring gymnasts through our Coach in Training (CIT) programs and professional development opportunities. 

The volunteer board of directors consists of members who are nominated and elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting held each November and requires a minimum one-year commitment. All members in good standing are eligible for nomination to the board. Elected positions include, but are not limited to, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Directors.



Members can contact DDGC in a variety of ways.


The most common form of contact is by email to and we will respond to email inquiries in the order they are received. 


Members can also reach us by phone at 250-746-0193. Our office can get very busy at times, and our Gym often runs classes even when our office is closed, please do not call multiple times as it can disrupt the coaches and classes that may be running.

If you are unable to reach us by phone, please leave a voicemail with your name, number, and the reason you called. We will follow up when the office is open.

Members are required to keep the following contact information up to date: 

  • Phone Number
  • Valid Email Address
  • Physical Address

DDGC corresponds with members for reasons including, but not limited to: 

  • Change Requests
  • Accommodations
  • Overdue Fees
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Behaviour
  • General Inquiries

Email Communications

Members can choose to "Opt-in" or "Opt-out" of email communications through their account.

If a member chooses to Opt-out of email communications, they will not receive notifications regarding registration, upcoming events, class cancellations, or waitlisted communications. They will still receive notifications for overdue payments or transactional communications of a similar nature.


DDGC Facilities

The DDGC gym has three entrances in corresponding order:

  • Entrance (into the lobby area)
  • Exit
  • Office

The lobby area is where guardians can watch their gymnast(s) for a short period of time. Because this space is not large enough to host all guardians and gymnasts along with incoming classes, we ask caregivers to limit their viewing time to 10-15 minutes within the lobby area.

Sounds and movements can be dangerous distractions for gymnasts and coaches within the facility and can lead to accidents, therefore, guardians must refrain from trying to communicate with any gymnast in class or in the gym, including waving. If a guardian needs to get the attention of their gymnast, they can ask the office or a coach for assistance.

There are viewing windows next to the Entrance door. This area is outside of DDGC’s premises where guardians can watch their gymnasts from outside the gym and within the Cowichan Community Centre premises. The Cowichan Community Centre reserves the right to disallow guardians from lingering within the hallway spaces, and the DDGC requests that all members and gymnasts be mindful and respectful of the property, premises, and spaces within the Cowichan Community Centre. Use inside voices and do not run in the hallways as noise echoes and is amplified, disrupting the offices nearby.




Please ensure that all personal items are labelled with your gymnast(s)' name. Cubbies are available for use during class time where personal items can be stored.

DDGC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

There is a lost and found space next to the exit door where forgotten items can be retrieved. Sensitive or private items such as a wallet, cell phone, or jewellery will be kept in the office until retrieved. The lost and found will be emptied once every two months and all unclaimed items will be donated.


What to wear:

  • A Leotard or a fitted T-shirt that can be tucked into shorts or fitted leggings. 
  • All gymnast(s) will be barefoot in the gymnasium. If a gymnast has a topical issue that needs to be covered, bandages or a wrap must be worn.
  • No jewellery, other than studded earrings, is permitted in the gym or during class. 
  • Long hair must be tied back into a simple ponytail.
  • Accessories must be removed before entering the gym or starting class. No bobby pins, bows, bobbled ponytail holders, or decorative hair pieces are permitted during class or training as they can fall off and damage equipment and harm others.


Food and Drinks

All participants should bring a refillable, labelled water bottle to class.

If a program includes time for a snack, DDGC strongly recommends that guardians provide a healthy snack. Please refrain from bringing foods that can damage equipment into the gym such as substances that are extremely sticky or may leave stains.

For the safety and respect of those with allergies, please do not bring in common allergens such as peanuts/nuts and fish/shellfish. Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines helps create a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.


Class Expectations

All participants must be registered before their class begins in order to attend. Coaches will take attendance at the beginning of each class.

Families are to wait in the lobby before class, and gymnasts will remove their shoes and socks before entering the gym.

Some classes require assistance from the caregiver or adult. Adults are not permitted to play on the equipment and must listen to the coach on how they can assist their gymnast in their gymnastics class. 


Payment Policy

All invoices, charges, payments, refunds and credits can be reviewed through your account on the DDGC website. It is the members’ responsibility to make payments as scheduled and on time. Any account 60 days in arrears is subject to termination of classes.

Both full and monthly payments can be made via credit card or E-transfer through the website, and via credit card, debit, cheque, or cash in the office.

NSF cheques and pre-authorized debits are subject to a $25 administration fee.



A $25 Registration Fee is included within the program pricing listed above and will not be reimbursed in the event of withdrawing or transferring from a program. This includes same day registrations and withdrawals with the exception of extenuating circumstances. 


The fees below apply to the first registration for a gymnast within the calendar year (September 1 - August 31). If you have already paid for insurance or membership within this calendar year then you will not be charged the next time you register your gymnast into a program. If you discover a duplicate charge, please do not hesitate to reach out to and we can investigate.

Gymnastics BC Insurance ($43) is charged per gymnast once per calendar year per participant and covers from September 1 to August 31 for all recreational programs for that participant such as camps and classes. This insurance is through Gymnastics BC and is non-refundable and not eligible for proration. 

DDGC Membership Fee ($36) is charged once per calendar year per participant, this fee is non-refundable. Membership fees help us to keep our program pricing as low as possible.






All registrations must be done through an account.

Recreational Programs (Birthday Parties, Camps, DynaGym, Active Start, and Drop Ins) follow a 4 season cycle for registration.

Winter Season: January, February, March

Spring Season: April, May, June

Summer Season: July, August

Fall Season: September, October, November, December

We will notify members of upcoming registration dates in our monthly and weekly newsletters. The Monthly newsletter is made available on our website at the beginning of each month.

Save-My-Spot! does not guarantee the registration of a participant into a program. Save-My-Spot! is an exclusive window of time when currently enrolled families can register for the upcoming season before it is released to the public. Save-My-Spot! is not guaranteed from Season to Season. 


Drop off and Pick Up

Coaches will take attendance and follow sign-in procedures at the beginning of classes, camps, and other events.

Guardians are asked to arrive 5-10 minutes early and stay until attendance has been taken and/or sign-in has been filled.

If someone else besides you, as the guardian and account holder, will be dropping off or picking up your gymnast(s) from any event including classes and camps, please notify DDGC in advance.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for pick-up to allow time for sign-out, questions, and announcements. If you will be more than 10 minutes late to pick up your gymnast(s), please contact DDGC as soon as possible.

Repeated occurrences of late drop-off and late pick-ups, missing communications of alternative persons for drop-off and/or pick-ups, and/or guardians leaving before attendance is taken may result in the cancellation or removal of gymnast(s) from services with no refunds issued.


Gymnastics-For-All: Recreational Programs

DDGC offers a variety of recreational programs that cater to the different abilities and time commitments of our gymnasts and their families. We stay up to date with the GymCan and Gymnastics BC guidelines by providing our gymnasts the opportunities that will allow them to excel within the sport of gymnastics. We offer a curriculum for ALL gymnasts and we are eager to work with you to place your gymnast(s) in a program where we are confident they will THRIVE!

Active Start

Our Active Start recreational classes follow the nationally recognized CanGym curriculum. Active Start programs are multi-disciplinary, allowing gymnasts to explore a wide range of activities and apparatus, and introduce them to the seven fundamental movement patterns (Landings, Static Positions, Locomotions, Rotations, Swings, Springs, and Object Manipulation) which are the root from which all gymnastics skills evolve.

  • Active Start 1: Ages 1.5 - 3.5
  • Active Start 2: Ages 3 - 4
  • Active Start 3: Ages 4 - 5



Our DynaGym recreational classes, for gymnasts between 6 and 13 years old, also follow the nationally recognized CanGym curriculum and begin with the seven fundamental movement patterns through games and fun activities. Specific skills must be acquired before gymnasts can move onto the next DynaGym level. 



Designed to meet the provincial physical education requirements of homeschooled children, this program runs weekly and offers gymnasts the opportunity to move and explore the gym and apparatus through amusing and educational class instruction.



DDGC offers various camps for all ages throughout the year including Summer, Winter, Pro D Day, and Spring Break Camps. Typically, if school is out, camps are in session! These programs are a great way for gymnasts to stay active and social throughout school breaks. Highlights of our camp programs include weekly themes, skill progression, fun games, teamwork, and gym apparatus exploration. 


Practice & Play / Drop-In

A self-led hour of gym discovery! These programs are designed for gymnasts who may not be able to commit to a full session but still want the opportunity to explore the gym, or for those who wish to supplement their classes with extra gym time. These sessions are offered on a single-pass basis and must be registered for at least one week in advance. This offering is completely self-led and there is no class instruction, giving gymnasts space to practice and play as they please. 


Report Cards

Assessments are done in class by the instructing coach to determine whether a gymnast should move up a class level for the next season. Because our classes cater to multiple  CanGym levels, it is common for gymnasts to be in the same class level for more than one season or year.

If a coach decides that your gymnast would benefit from moving a class level they will let you know and a conversation with the Head Coach may be scheduled. Factors that are part of the decision process include strength, flexibility, endurance, and the gymnast's commitment to succeed. Placement recommendations and movements are at the coaches' and Head Coach's discretion.

Report cards are handed out at the end of the last class, and then held for pick up in the office thereafter.


Competitive - Invitational Programs

Invitational programs are exclusive to gymnasts who have been invited by the Head Coach to participate in competitions nationally and internationally as representative athletes of DDGC.

 The invitational pathway carries higher commitments, expectations, pricing and a longer timeframe than the recreational pathway which caters to "Gymnastics-For-All".  The Head Coach will consider these factors when determining whether a gymnast would benefit from joining the invitational pathway. 

Tryouts are hosted once per year. If members and their gymnasts want to attend tryouts for invitational programs that were not invited previously, they can reach out to their coach or the Head Coach to discuss admission to tryouts. Discussions do not guarantee admittance and attending tryouts does not guarantee a spot to an invitational program.

The following invitational pathways are available through DDGC:

    • Dev Preschool
    • Pre Comp
    • Xcel 1 & 2
    • CCP 2-3 & 3-5
    • Interclub 1 & 2
    • Optionals

Many invitational gymnasts begin in the recreational pathway and the gymnasts who are typically invited are those who show excellent focus, abilities, and dedication to gymnastics.


Invitational Athletes are required to attend a minimum level of meets and competitions outlined in their handbook. 

Invitational families are expected to attend the information session at the beginning of the year, read and follow the guidelines in the invitational handbook, and meet payment and registration deadlines.



In the event of an absence, please notify your coach and/or the office as soon as possible.

Members are responsible for payment for their gymnast’s classes whether they attend class or not.

If a gymnast is frequently absent, arriving late or leaving early, it can lead to the removal of the gymnast from the program without refund. If a gymnast requires accommodations related to absences, including vacations, the guardian is responsible for contacting DDGC and may be required to discuss with their coach or the Head Coach.


Class Cancellations

Inclement Weather

If School District 79 Schools are closed due to snow, DDGC classes will be cancelled. Any cancelled classes due to inclement weather are eligible for a credit by request to


Sick Coach

If a coach is sick and a substitute coach could not be arranged, class will be cancelled and is eligible for a credit by email request to DDGC will attempt to reach affected members by sending an email their primary email address on their account with as much notice as is reasonably possible.


Pro-D Days and School District 79 Non-instructional Days:

DDGC programs run as scheduled and may offer additional camps on these days.



Transfers are permitted up to 30 days after the first day of a class, subject to availability and space. Transfers are no longer permitted, unless by exception and at the discretion of the Head Coach, after the 30-day deadline.

Credits for transfers will be prorated to account for any differences in class pricing or class quantity. Members will not receive credit for the $25 Registration Fee for any transfers with exception to extenuating circumstances. 

Coach specified transfers are permitted at the discretion of the Head Coach. A coach specified transfer will not retain the $25 Registration Fee for the program the gymnast is being moved from.

Camps: Transfers are permitted for camps up to 1 week before the first day of camp. Within one week before the start date and after Camp registration has been closed, an administration fee of $25 will be included for transferring and/or withdrawing from a camp.



Withdrawing Procedures and Guidelines

Members are responsible for notifying DDGC regarding late or missed classes and withdrawing from a program.

In the event that a gymnast is withdrawing from a program, the guardian must notify DDGC in writing. Only written notice via email, postal mail, or hand delivered to the DDGC office will be acceptable.


Invitational Pathway

Notice given in writing to withdraw from a program will be implemented at the end of the following calendar month. Any prorating will rely on the date that the program was withdrawn, not when it was requested.

For example:

Notice given between March 1st – 31st will be valid for April 30th
Notice given on March 28th will be valid for April 30th
Notice given on April 1st will be valid for May 30th


Recreational Pathway

Notice given in writing to withdraw from a program will be implemented on the next business day. Withdrawal requests follow the invoice adjustment guidelines listed below:

- Withdrawals at least 2 weeks before classes begin: a full program credit minus the $25 registration fee.

Withdrawal within 2 weeks, before the first class: 80% program credit minus the $25 registration fee.

- Withdrawal between the 1st and 4th class: an 80% program credit after proration (number of classes past) and minus the $25 registration fee.

- Withdrawal after the 4th class begins: Not eligible for credits or cost adjustments.


Late Registration

Registration dates are set and notified to members in advance as well as posted within our Monthly Newsletters. DDGC Provides three separate opportunities for recreational members to register through their account each season: 

Save-My-Spot! - A registration window to those enrolled in the most recent season before registration opens to the general public.

General Registration - Open to the general public, anyone can log in or create an account and register.

Waitlist Roundup! - The single waitlist that members can join for a final chance to register for the upcoming season.

You can reach out to if you are interested in registering after registration and the waitlist roundup has closed. We will let you know what classes still have space. Members must register through their account after communicating with the office. A $25 administration fee will be applied as a late fee. 



DDGC strives to empower gymnasts to be able to enjoy participating in gymnastics while staying safe, these behaviours are expected from all DDGC staff, members, and gymnasts:

  • Think “Safety first” in gymnastics.
  • Treat each other with respect and courtesy.
  • No foul or abusive language or actions.
  • Gossip is harmful and not permitted.
  • Leave personal disagreements at the door.
  • Refrain from behaviours that could endanger another persons’ safety or your own safety.
  • If you require assistance, ask a coach or staff member for help.
  • Listen to your coaches.
  • Ask your coach for permission before using any equipment.
  • Ask your coach for permission before attempting new skills.
  • Talk to your coach before you leave class.
  • Walk from place to place, watch your step.
  • If any coach yells “FREEZE”, immediately stop what you are doing.

Behaviour Management

Discipline must come from the coach, not the guardian, while in class; Guardians are discouraged from entering the gym to administer discipline to their gymnast while in class as this can undermine the coaches instructions and cause misunderstandings for the gymnast(s).

For DDGC coaches to offer the best and safest programming to all participants, it is imperative that gymnasts listen to and follow instructions from their coaches.

DDGC implements the following steps to behaviour management:

1.       First offense: A verbal warning will be given to the gymnast.

2.       Second offense: A time-out will be issued.

3.       Third offense: The gymnast will be asked to sit out for the remainder of class and their guardian will be notified. 

Depending on the severity of the offense, DDGC may contact parents to pick up their gymnast(s) before the end of class and remove the gymnast from the program. DDGC reserves the right to deny services to members and gymnasts with a history of behavioural incidences.

Repeated offenses will lead to the gymnast(s) being removed from the program without refund. 

Injury Protocols

In the event of an injury or illness requiring immediate medical attention:

  • A guardian will be called as per the Emergency Action Plan (available to view in the office).
  • At the discretion of the trained first aid coaches or staff, an ambulance may be called.
  • If immediate medical attention is required and the guardian is not readily available, the coach will accompany the child to the hospital in the ambulance, bringing with them the child’s personal medical number and medical information on record.
  • The coach will complete an incident report, the DDGC office will strive to follow up with families following injuries.
  • The injury report will be submitted to Gymnastics BC.


In the event of an injury or illness not requiring immediate medical attention:

  • DDGC’s adult coaches and office staff are trained in first aid and will administer treatment for minor injuries.
  • Minor injuries will be cared for with the first aid kit on the premises.
  • The coach may modify training so that the injured limb is not used.
  • The coach will contact the guardians if further action is required.

If a gymnast has been injured and out of training for 3 months or more:

  • The gymnast(s) must obtain a letter from their General Practitioner/Specialist that they have been cleared to return to training.
  • The Head Coach will assess the re-entry point for any gymnast(s) who had a prolonged absence due to injury or illness to ensure that they are placed in the correct class.



DDGC is committed to providing a safe environment for all gymnasts to flourish in this sport. This includes a zero tolerance on bullying and unsafe behaviour. If you have any concerns regarding your gymnast(s) and how they have been treated by other gymnasts, staff, or other guardians, please follow the complaint protocol listed:


  1. Discuss the issue with your coach if it relates to a complaint about coaching or another gymnasts’ behaviour.
  2. Discuss the issue with the office if it relates to anything other than your gymnasts’ coaching.
  3. If not resolved, The Office will present the matter to the Head Coach for further investigation and discussion.
  4. If still not resolved, the matter may be presented to the Board of Directors.
  5. Guardians may also submit a letter to be presented to the Board of Directors.

Guardians are expected to be respectful when issuing a complaint.


Technical Difficulties

DDGC strives to enable members to use the website and profile account system with as much ease as possible. If you experience technical difficulties when using the website, please reach out to with a brief description of the issue you are experiencing. If you wish to have a walkthrough for DDGC website services, you can visit the office during open hours.



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