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Communicative Disease Prevention

We are now in Phase 3 of Return to Play.  Spectators are now permitted entry to the building. 

Athletes displaying any symptoms of  any contagious illness CANNOT attend class. To return to classes, they must be symptom free.


What you can do to prepare:
  • Come dressed to participate in gymnastics with a labelled water bottle 
  • We will continue hand sanitizing, cleaning equipment regularly 
  • If you wish for your child to continue to wear a mask as they enter the building and/or during class, they are welcome to do so.
  • Mask use is recommended in the viewing area. We are permitting 6 spectators in the viewing area at a time. Please limit your viewing time so everyone has the opportunity to see their child. 
What you can expect at DDGC:
  • All members will be still asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry to the building. It is recommended for guardians for the Parent & Tot classes to  wear their masks during class but it is not required
  • DDGC staff will clean high touch surfaces and equipment throughout the day to protect your children (sometimes this will happen during classes with the assistance of participants)
  • DDGC staff will spray the entire gym with a spray sanitizer regularly (3-5 times weekly)

Athletes displaying any symptoms of  any contagious illness CANNOT attend class. To return to classes, they must be symptom free.

We understand that this time can be difficult and cause anxiety for many. Please be respectful of the choices that others make. We will continue to have sanitizer available at different points in the gym and coaches who display any sign of illness will not be permitted in the gym.

Communicative disease related GYM CLOSURES:

In the event of a shutdown, DDGC will not issue a refund if it is two weeks or less. If it goes beyond 2 weeks, DDGC will refund or credit the remaining classes. Credits will be kept on the account until June 30th of the current season. 

Recreational Gymnastics - extra tidbits



Participants wear fitted, tucked-in t-shirts with shorts or fitted leggings, or a leotard/bodysuit

  • All participants must be barefoot in the gymnasium. If a participant has warts or athlete's foot, socks with grips on them or bandages must be worn
  • No jewelry other than studded earrings are permitted
  • Hair that can interfere with vision must be tied back and away from the face. Please use strong elastic ties and "snap" clips to ensure your child's safety
  • No bobby pins, bows, bobbled ponytail holders, or decorative hair pieces are allowed in gymnasium, as they may damage the equipment
  • Bring a refillable water bottle preferably with participant's name on it
  • Please leave electronics and valuables at home or have a parent hold them for the athlete


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