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Blended Learning For Recreational Gymnasts

This blended learning class will be offered in addition to the current homeschooling offerings that run from season to season. Since teachers at The Grove are typically available in the afternoon, this class will be scheduled for the mornings. However, if the overall preferences of those attending the blended learning classes between DDGC and The Grove align differently, the schedule may be changed to accommodate the group.

This Blended Learning class is a Recreational Class. For more information about how this affects invitational families, please check out the Blended Learning for Invitational Athletes link next to the information video. 

How it works:

  • Register for the DDGC "Blended Learning HS" Class when it is available on our Registration Calendar through your account.
  • Sign up with The Grove (If you haven't already) for their abundance of learning resources (link provided below). 
  • Attend Gymnastics with DDGC and then head over to The Grove for learning and resources. 

What else do you need to know?

  • We will only have limited spaces available, which means that all registrations will be on a first-come-first-serve basis and registration must be done through your account when registration is opened. Registration dates will be posted in upcoming monthly newsletters and in our Weekly Updates.
  • Homeschooling programs will no longer require a registration code. DDGC reserves the right to conduct an audit and request proof of homeschooling from members whose participants are enrolled in homeschooling gymnastics programs.
  • All participants require insurance and membership fees to be paid before classes begin. The first invoice for classes starting after September 1st will be charged for insurance and for membership once per participant, per gymnastics year (September 1 - August 31).
  • Our Rules, Terms & Conditions are a great place to review safety rules, withdrawal, transfers, payment guidelines, and much more!
  • You can click on a program in the calendar to bring up the program details for more information about it.
  • The current homeschooling programs are on a Season-to-Season registration basis where families re-register each season. This blended learning class will run for a full school year (September to June each year) while the others continue to run from season to season.

What's the difference between Blended Learning and an Academy?

Both DDGC and The Grove are separate entities that are working together to bring resources to more families in the community. Families will still need to sign up for services with both DDGC and The Grove so that they can get gymnastics training with DDGC and extensive learning with The Grove. 

Since DDGC is not an academy, there will not be a teacher on site nor class time at the gym; DDGC will focus solely on physical fitness and The Grove will focus on learning and educational resources.


Blended Learning with The Grove

The Grove is one of many homeschooling programs on Vancouver Island, and like many of them, they have some exceptional resources and benefits for homeschooling learners in the Cowichan Valley. A few examples are:

  • $300 funding towards the first semester of club fees and $300 funding towards the second semester of club fees each year.
  • Work with a teacher in person.
  • Gain access to textbooks, articles, and more.

Currently, this opportunity is mainly for recreational gymnasts who are homeschooling in the Cowichan Valley/District79 areasThis opportunity is on a trial basis. If we do not receive enough registrations for the class, we may be forced to postpone or cancel this trial. If you know families that would be interested in getting their physical education with Gymnastics while in a homeschooling program, please let them know about this exciting opportunity!


(Please be advised: these links will take you away from DDGC's Website)

Useful links for The Grove

    • Check out all of The Grove's blended learning options (Including DDGC) HERE.
    • Go directly to their sign up page HERE.
    • Learn about other Cowichan Valley District Programs HERE.


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