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**WINTER 2024 Active Start and/or DynaGym participants ONLY




If you ARE registered in WINTER 2024 Season:

This is your exclusive time to register before these programs open to the public.

An email with your registration code was sent out on February 13th, please remember to check your spam/junk folder.

*If you did not receive the email and you are currently registered in the Winter Season, please reach out to so that we can assist.


If you are NOT registered in WINTER 2024 Season:

Registration opens on February 27th at 1:00 PM.

When registration opens at that time, no registration code will be required.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to so that we can assist.


**Homeschool & Invitational Prep

Registration opens on February 27th 1:00pm.

If you are currently registered to our Homeschool or Invitational Prep Programs, an email with registration codes have been sent out on February 13th.

Please remember to check your spam/junk folder and if you did not receive the email, please contact us for assistance.





Active Start 1 (Parent & Tot)

These are 45-minute classes where an accompanying adult will participate in the class with their toddler who is between 18 months and 3 years of age.

Participants will explore various gymnastics equipment safely with the guidance of our instructors and the support of their accompanying adults. Fun activities and training aids will be utilised to help participants explore and develop basic athletic abilities (the ABCs - agility, balance, and coordination) and foundational gymnastics movements.


DynaGym 1 (6-14 Years Old)

A one and a half hour beginner gymnastics class for kids ages 6 - 14 years

DynaGym 1 is most suitable for those who have little to no gymnastics experience. The 1.5-hour class will include general and specific warm up, circuits at various apparatus (floor, beam, bars, trampoline, vault etc.) as well as fun games and activities to support the safe progression of foundational gymnastics skills. 




Holiday Camps

DDGC also offers full- and half-day camps during school breaks and Pro-D days. Full day camps usually run from 9am to 3:30pm while half-day camps are around 3 hours in the morning or afternoon.

These camps incorporate gymnastics activities, games, arts and crafts, as well as outdoor activities and movie time, and are the perfect way for any child to spend their holiday or day-off from school.

Active Start 2 (3-4 Years Old)

AS 2 are 45-minute classes for children ages 3 to 4 years old where they will participate independently.

This entry-level class will focus on fundamental movement patterns such as stationary positions, locomotion, swings, and rotations etc. that are the foundation of gymnastics. Fun games and activities will be incorporated to support the development of foundational gymnastics skills.

*Please note that all participants are required to be toilet-trained in order to take part in the independent classes.


DynaGym 2 / DynaGym 3 (6-14 years old)

DynaGym 2 and DynaGym 3 are 2-hour classes for more experienced gymnasts. It is recommended that participants have at least two seasons of continued exposure to regular gymnastics lessons prior to joining these classes.

These 2-hour classes will begin with structured warm-ups and participants will explore intermediate to more advanced gymnastics skills through fun stations and circuits at various apparatus. Strength and conditioning exercises will also be incorporated to ensure proper physical preparation for more advanced gymnastics skills.

Active Start 3 (4-5 Years Old)

AS 3 are 1-hour classes for independent 4 to 5 year olds who may already have some experience in gymnastics.

The classes will continue to refine the fundamental movement patterns necessary for sports and will introduce participants to some intermediate gymnastics skills with safe progressions.

*Please note that all participants are required to be toilet-trained in order to take part in the independent classes.


Home-School Program

Our Home-school Program is designed to meet the physical education requirements for home-schooling students who may have the flexibility to participate in morning or early afternoon activities.

Classes are structured similarly to our DynaGym classes which allow participants to learn the fundamental movement patterns in gymnastics and basic to advanced gymnastics skills under the guidance of our experienced gymnastics coaches, while also satisfying the curriculum requirements for the physical education portion of the home-school program.

*Proof of registration to a homeschooling program is required for registration to this program.



Membership/Insurance fee :

All recreational members need to pay a membership fee upon registration of a program starting September 1st, 2021 or later.  This will be automatically added to your invoice upon registration. All membership and insurance fees are non-refundable, non-negotiable, and are valid until August 31, 2024.

Please note that if our system detects more than 30 minutes of inactivity in your browser, your registration spots will no longer be reserved and you will need to begin again.

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