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Blended Learning for Invitational Athletes


This trial period for the blended learning program will begin in the Recreational Pathway and will not be available to Athletes in the invitational pathway at this time. Because this class is intended is for homeschoolers to meet their physical education requirement, the level of training will vastly differ from the commitment and hours that an invitational athlete requires. Since invitational athletes already have their DDGC program throughout the year, we do not recommend that they register and pay for another full-year program in addition to their current invitational program.

Does this mean that you can't sign up with The Grove for educational resources? Not at all!

Since this is a trial and the sign-up process is separate between DDGC and The Grove, you can still sign up with The Grove in addition to your invitational program with DDGC.

These homeschooling services have other options available besides blended learning that include similar resources (like funding for example) that may be a better fit for your invitational athlete's needs. You can also check out the other Cowichan Valley Programs below!

Blended Learning with The Grove

The Grove is one of many homeschooling programs on Vancouver Island, and like many of them, they have some exceptional resources and benefits for homeschooling learners in the Cowichan Valley. A few examples are:

  • $300 funding towards the first semester of club fees and $300 funding towards the second semester of club fees each year.
  • Work with a teacher in person.
  • Gain access to textbooks, articles, and more.

Currently, this opportunity is mainly for recreational gymnasts who are homeschooling in the Cowichan Valley/District79 areasThis opportunity is on a trial basis. If we do not receive enough registrations for the class, we may be forced to postpone or cancel this trial. If you know families that would be interested in getting their physical education with Gymnastics while in a homeschooling program, please let them know about this exciting opportunity!


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Useful links for The Grove

    • Check out all of The Grove's blended learning options (Including DDGC) HERE.
    • Go directly to their sign up page HERE.
    • Learn about other Cowichan Valley District Programs HERE.


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